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Hi! Welcome to Battle Cats Character Creator Wiki! This is a place where you can share your ideas for levels, cat units, for Battle Cats! This wiki has it's rules so go over to the Rules if you would like to learn more! (This wiki is under construction)

This wiki is pretty much a free wiki as long as you follow the rules. However, if it’s dying, please help. This is a good wiki and I, Supermachochonk, the one who just added this part, doesn’t want to lose it.

Important articles[edit | edit source]

Supermachochonk(A Fandom User)

Shattered Stair (Classikal3)

Eagle Point (Classikal3)

Mass Circulation (Classikal3)

Ice-Capp Bore (Classikal3)

Lincoln (Relic/Floating) (PufferEX)

Olduche (Relic) (PufferEX)

Zeb(black) (I hate Cookie Cats)

Cam(relic) (I hate Cookie Cats)

Baron Levels (Brollow)

Legendary Legends (Brollow)

Prototype A (Alien/Metal) (Hacker192983)

Team 12 (Supermachochonk)

Dark Matter Legends (Jackie Peng)

Oldkey (Relic) (Nadweyyx)

Manic A. Bahamut(Enemy Unit) (ManicKingDragonCat)

Assassin A.(Black) (ManicKingDragonCat)

Cy-Roo(Metal) (A Fandom User)
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